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Planning Your Wedding Menu for 2018

Planning a wedding isn’t a small task by any means. From selecting a venue to choosing flowers, booking entertainment and finding the right photographer to capture it all! Then, on top of everything, you are asked to select a menu for all your guests to enjoy. Crafting your menu can be intimidating at first, but it is also an opportunity to personalize your special day.

When planning your wedding menu, from hors d’oeuvres to the reception and beyond, we hope you gain some inspiration from these wedding food trends that are currently taking the wedding world by storm.

1) Help Yourself Approach

Traditional weddings typically include a full-service dinner, where guests take their assigned seats and the professional wait staff serves their various courses. This is a lovely and classy option for couples who have asked their guests to provide their entrée choice prior to the wedding day.

For the couples, who prefer to allow their guests the flexibility to build their own dinner plate the night of the wedding, a buffet-style dinner is becoming more popular. This option also takes some pressure off of the couple to collect all of the individual entrée choices leading up to their day – one less thing to worry about! The buffet-style dining also offers a more relaxed, casual and social approach the dinner hour.

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Catering Trends In 2017

Want your reception to be unforgettable?

Catering Trends

Here's a little secret: It's all about the food.

Of course, we would say that but, with the delicious surge in food-centric media (think: celebrity chefs, the Food Network, foodie Instagram accounts, Pinterest boards and other blogs) today's couples are tapped into the food and beverage industry more than ever. For many, this means the standard chicken or beef just won't cut it when it comes to planning a wedding menu. If you're looking to breathe new life into your wedding bill of fare, read on! Here are some of the hottest catering trends that'll wow your crowd and please every palate.

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